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Mike Nash Ltd - Terms and conditions of business

These terms and conditions shall form a part of the contract that shall exist between us.

1.1 Parties, Clients, Customer
This agreement is between Mike Nash Ltd and its associates ("Us" or "We" or "Our") and any individual, business, sole trader, partnership or corporate body ("You" or "Your") who has placed an order for Us to perform a service ("Work") for You by means of You asking verbally or by e-mail or by fax or by letter for the Work to be done and by Us confirming Your order by e-mail or fax or letter.

2.1 Service, Services, Work
The term "Work" may include any kind of research, graphical work or work connected with the Internet that is ordered by You and supplied or carried out by Us.

2.2 Acceptance of terms and conditions
By requesting Us to do Work for You, You accept our terms and conditions and agree that You will pay Us for the Work an amount not less than that specified in Our quotation at the times or stages specified in Our quotation.

3.1 Trademarks and copyrights - Mike Nash Ltd
We often exchange links and associations with other parties, companies and websites where there is mutual gain. If you use the name Mike Nash Ltd you agree not to use the name for any derogatory or libellous or illegal purpose digitally or in print. All material in this document, logo, letterhead, website and print material is copyrighted and protected by national and international copyright law.

3.2 Trademarks and copyrights - Services
All work is the sole copyright of Mike Nash Ltd until it is fully paid for by You. Once Your payment has been cleared by the banks/financial institutions, the Work becomes your copyright and you are free to use it in whatever way you wish. All assets other than the finished Work, including working files, fonts and graphics remain the property of Mike Nash Ltd. This is to ensure future production and to reduce overall copyright costs. Copyright on any outsourced assets requested by you, including agency photography, audio, fonts etc, is subject to suppliers' terms that may limit usage to the purpose specified by you and must be adhered to on an individual basis.

4.1 Terms
The terms of payment and price for the Work will be confirmed by Us before we commence the Work

5.1 Use of service
You may not use the Work for unethical or illegal purposes. Mike Nash Ltd reserves the right to terminate work which might, in our opinion, breach the law or the rights of Us or any other third party.

6.1 Censorship
We have a no-censorship policy unless illegal.

7.1 Privacy
Mike Nash Ltd will not knowingly disclose to any third party any information You supply to Us. We have a strict policy of privacy and will not discuss your work with any third party. We might add your name to our customer list unless you ask us not to. You can request that the Work be ghosted at the beginning of service in which case the Work will appear to be Your work, Our name will not appear on the work anywhere and Your name will not appear on our customer list.

8.1 Liability
The Internet, including WWW, e-mail, FTP and other protocols are not guaranteed or may not prove to be 100% secure medium for transmitting of data. Therefore Mike Nash Ltd cannot be liable either directly or indirectly for any damages including loss of data or mis-delivery of any work passing to or from Mike Nash via the Internet.

9.1 Warranty
Although we are professional suppliers of Work to a commercial standard, we make no warranty of any kind for the performance of Work either proposed or produced. Webwork tends to be one of two kinds, either design award-winning or commercially effective. We always give our best efforts and apply all our experience in trying to obtain the best commercial results for You, but we cannot guarantee any return rates, hit rates or other measures of success.

10.1 Indemnification
You agree and swear that you have the relevant permissions for the use of any names, trademarks, logos, artwork or likenesses that you supply to us to be used in the Work. You agree to indemnify Mike Nash Ltd from any claims from any owner of a name, copyright, trademark, logo or other intellectual property that may arise from Your supplying Us with such property. If Mike Nash Ltd or its suppliers or subcontractors suffer any financial loss either directly or indirectly due to any act or omission by You regarding claims You have made or intellectual property You have supplied to Us, You hereby agree to fully indemnify and reimburse Mike Nash Ltd immediately upon demand.

11.1 Provisions
We reserve the right to make any changes to our terms at any time. You are asked to keep an eye on the terms and conditions for updates that might affect future Work.

12.1 Ordering design work
Some clients have not had experience in ordering work and We take this opportunity of pointing out that there are two ways of contracting Work. The first is to ask Us to do a professional job for You to the best of Our ability for which We give You a quotation. The second is to employ an artist, designer or programmer to bring into physical existence all your ideas and dreams in many permutations for which an hourly rate is paid because the work is open-ended. Unless agreed otherwise by Us, We undertake work in the former manner, not the latter. Our quotation includes Our supplying you with a reasonable choice of rough ideas at the commencement of the work. If you decide not to go ahead with Work based on the roughs We send You, all roughs remain the Our copyright and You may not have them worked up by someone else. Once you have chosen a rough idea, we will work it up into a final professional version designed to do the job to a commercial standard in which only minor changes will be accepted without making a charge. If, at a later date after accepting a rough idea, You decide to change the whole concept of the Work, We will treat it as an abandonment of the Work and any Work We have performed from Your first accepted roughs may have to be paid for by You. If you want to try out many different ideas in finished versions, we will be happy to quote you an hourly rate.

12.2 Ordering Pay Per Click work
After initial consultation, We will ask You to pay a pro forma invoice or complete and pay an Insertion Order for work. This will outline the project and the costs for both parties. You are required to read these terms and conditions and adhere to the payment terms given. The invoice or insertion order may be subject to an additional document that will outline the objectives in more detail.

We always try and get the best results at all times. However, We cannot guarantee results for a given budget as there are too many variables out of our direct control, (Traffic quality, network integrity, landing page integrity, technical issues etc). and so We cannot refund budgets once spent. However, if requested, We can supply a full breakdown of spend showing how it was applied to the objectives.

13.1 Required Notice and Termination
You or We may terminate this agreement at any time in writing by letter or e-mail at which time We will supply You with an account for that portion of the work carried out by Us up to the date of such cancellation and you agree You will make an immediate payment in full of that amount to Us. Mike Nash Ltd will not terminate this agreement without good cause. We are well known for meeting agreed dealines.

14.1 Payment
All of the work we carry out is subject to payment on completion of the work unless otherwise arranged in writing. All work is invoiced upon completion. Where we have arrangements with clients to extract payment directly from a client’s account, we will e-mail an advice note before we extract the necessary payment.

Where foreign payments incur heavy processing charges because of a client’s choice of payment method, we reserve the right to pass on the extra charges to the client and add them to the bill. We will notify you in writing before making any such additional charges.

On all outstanding balances a written reminder is posted after 30 days. The 30 day period will begin when the date reaches the next calendar 28th after invoicing. Written reminders are reminders that our terms are payment on completion. They do not indicate any waiver of our terms. We understand that clients sometimes have cash flow problems and will try to accommodate their difficulties without changing our terms.

If the outstanding balance is not cleared after 60 days, a fee of 1.5% interest per month will be charged then and thereafter on any outstanding balance.

If any balance remains outstanding at 90 days, another written reminder will be issued.

If any balance remains outstanding at 120 days, you will be sent a written warning that you have fourteen days to make suitable arrangements for payment, otherwise the matter will be handed over for collection at our sole discretion

Our range of services include:

  • Web design
  • Web marketing
  • Web consultancy
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO), submission, ranking
  • Directory submission, ranking
  • Competitor analysis
  • Web advertising
  • Link analysis & report
  • Web analytics and metrics
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Keyword analysis
  • more...

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