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MSN Search
MSN Search

MSN Search

All the web
AlltheWeb :: find it all

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Amfibi Web Search
Cambridge Dictionaries Online
Amidalla search engine
A neat and popular search engine, allowing you to search the internet, books and a lot more. A nice link back feature to see who is linked to that website.

All The Web
One of the yahoo family of search engine. Powerful and detailed search results.

AltaVista - AltaVista UK
One of the first search engines on the web. Allows you to search by websites, images, audio and a lot more.

AOL Search - AOL UK
Allows you to search the web as well as the AOL network quickly and easily.

Ask Jeeves - Ask Jeeves UK
Ask Jeeves was designed to be a search engine for plain questions and give plain answers. Works well and can give interesting results.

A popular search engine that has sprung up in recent years. Nice facility of searching the extensive BBC news archieve.

Popular search engine that combines results of many other search engines. Google, Yahoo!, Ask Jeeves, About, FindWhat, LookSmart all in one go.

This a powerful Euopean Google powered search engine.

Another popular and powerful search engine fuelled by Google.. Extensive directory based engine too.

A popular US google powered search engine owned by Disney.

Google - Google UK
Google is by far the biggest and most effective search engine out there. It powers many of the older engines and give fast and clear results.

HotBot - HotBot UK
One of the earliest search engines around.Powerful features allowing you to search quickly.

Human organized search engine. Minimal ads secure a fast search.

Lycos - Lycos UK
A popular engine which is part of the fast group. Good ad placement facilities.

MSN Search - MSN UK
Search engine from Microsoft's MSN. Powered by Inktomi, it is planning to be the search engine to look at for the future.

A compound search engine that combines the best from many engines.

This is an excellant and fast directory of UK sites. It is free and fun to use.

UK Plus
A nice search engine powered by Ask search enginge. Works fast and easy to use.

Wanadoo formerly Freeserve
The search function of this ISP which is one of the largest in the UK. Search results are provided by Google.

A nice search engine that has evolved quite a lot since 1994. Great way to search several engines in one go. Search white and yellow pages too.

Yahoo - Yahoo UK & Ireland
One for the biggest search engine/directories on the net. Offering many services as well as fast and easy searching.

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