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Banner advertising

Banner advertising - What is it?

Banner advertising is a form of advertising on the web that consists of a graphic with a link, attempting to attract visitors or traffic to your website. We can manage the whole process for you.

Banner advertising - What you get:

  • A highly targeted banner
  • A specifically designed landing page - This helps raise conversions
  • Negotiate and place the banner with the best websites (Media buying)

Banner advertising- Benefits to you

Many benefits to banner advertising:

  • Banner strategy
  • Complete account management
  • Increase revenue and reduce costs

What we have produced

Here is a selection of banners chosen from a range of campaigns. Some large, some small. All are varied, reflecting different target audiences, concepts and executions.

> Nokia
> Disney
> Hard Rock
> British Midland
> Jobworld
> Leaping salmon
> Uk banners
> Gamesbase
> Date UK
> Delving Resources
> Freelawyer
> Planetface
> Planet personals
> Gis a job
> Logo corp

Type of banner work:

  • Banner styles
    Animated banners
    • Static banners
    • Interactive banners
  • Banner formats
    • Gif banners
    • Flash banners
  • Various sizes
    • 468x60 banners
    • 234x60 banners
    • 250x250 banner
    • 90x31 banner
    • Lots more
  • More

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