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Extensive visitor analysis

We can setup extensive web stats, analytics suite to track users throughout your website. This is a powerful set of tools that gives realtime reporting on:

  • Who visits your site
  • How they found you
  • Where they go
  • Do they buy or interact
  • How effective your marketing is

> Convert > Keep Customers

We interpret this data into a comprehensive analysis reports as part of your monthly plans. We indicate:

  • How to improve traffic to your website
  • How to convert more into customers
  • How to keep them coming back again and again.

Web analysis (analytics, metrics) features.

>Traffic Reports

  • Top Pages
  • Top Pages Trend
  • Page Views
  • Visitors
  • New Visitors
  • Average Page Views
  • Detailed

>Visitor Reports

  • Latest Page Views
  • Latest Visitors
  • Repeat Visitors
  • Domains
  • Languages
  • Countries
  • Major Domains

>Navigation Reports

  • Navigation Paths
  • Entry Pages
  • Exit Pages
  • Reloads
  • Average Time on Pages
  • Average Time on Site

>Referrers Reports

  • Referring Sites
  • Referring Sites Detail
  • Major Domains
  • Countries

>Search Engine Reports

  • Search Engines
  • Search Terms
  • Search Terms by Search Engine
  • Pages by Search Engine
  • Pages by Search Terms
  • Pages by Search Engine and Terms
  • Total Search Engine Referrals

>Client Information Reports

  • Browser
  • Browser Versions
  • Browser Versions Trend
  • Operating Systems
  • Operating Systems Trend
  • Screen Resolutions
  • Color Palettes
  • Script Versions
  • Java Support
  • Cookie Support

>Summaries by Hour, Weekday, and Day of Month

  • Hour of Day
  • Day of Week
  • Day of Month

>Advanced Reports

  • Campaign Reports
  • Activity Summary
  • Latest Transactions
  • Click-Through History
  • Transaction History

>Activity Reports

  • Activity by Search Engine
  • Activity by Search Terms
  • Activity by Search Engine and Terms
  • Activity by Referrer
  • Activity by Country
  • Activity by Continent
  • Activity by Entry Page

>Behavior Reports

  • Conversion Rate
  • Cycle Time
  • Average Order Size
  • First Time Customers
  • Repeat Customers
  • Time Between Transactions

>Click Fraud Detection Reports

  • Repeat Clicks
  • Clicks by Country

>Other Reports / Features

  • Link Popularity Shows consolidated report of your site's link popularity on top search engines.
  • Search Engine Ranking Shows consolidated report of your search term's ranking on top search engines. Anywhere a search term is displayed on a report, a link is available to this report.
  • Search Term Trend Shows the referral trend for a specific search term.
  • Search Engine and Search Term Trend Shows the referral trend for a specific search term on a specific search engine.
  • Page Trend Shows the traffic trend for a specific page on your site .
  • Sub-Accounts Traffic Displays traffic totals for all sub-accounts.
  • Domain Search Searches for occurrence of traffic from a specific domain. This is useful to see if competitors are viewing your site.
    Bookmarks Manage your bookmarks and assign a specific report to display upon login.
  • Exports Email or export any report to Adobe PDF, Word, Excel, CSV, TDF, RTF, or Wordperfect formats.
  • Combination Reports Combine and configure any number of reports onto one screen for your own personal dashboard. Then, bookmark it and make it your login page.

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